Backing up Sustainability

Exergy Power Systems


Backing up Sustainability

Exergy Power Systems Inc., born out of pioneering research at The University of Tokyo, is at the forefront of transforming theoretical innovation into commercial reality. Our mission is to forge a path towards a sustainable society with our distributed energy services. At the core of our offerings is the Exergy Battery® — a cutting-edge power storage solution developed exclusively by our team. This proprietary technology exemplifies our commitment to powering a greener future through smart energy storage.

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Navigating the Renewable Energy Challenge

The global shift towards renewable energy, while a significant step towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral society, brings to light the pressing issues of electricity grid stability and quality. As reliance on variable renewable energies like solar and wind power increases, their susceptibility to natural conditions can cause rapid decreases in power generation. This variability can disrupt the balance of electricity supply and demand in the short term, leading to potential declines in grid stability and power quality. Addressing this, there is a critical need for robust backup power systems that ensure the reliability and consistency of the electricity grid amidst the growing use of renewable sources.

Empowering Renewable Energy Growth with Storage Battery Solutions

Exergy Power Systems Inc. is spearheading the integration of renewable energy by offering grid system services, particularly in Europe—a leader in renewable energy adoption. We deliver crucial stability to the electricity grid through a unique approach: instead of merely selling batteries, we provide a comprehensive service powered by our proprietary Exergy Battery®. This strategy not only promotes the expansion of renewable energy but also allows large power consumers support the energy transition without large upfront cost.

Backup for Grid Operators

Grid operators, encompassing transmission and distribution companies, bear the crucial responsibility for ensuring the stable operation of electricity grids. This involves maintaining a constant balance between the supply and demand of the electricity grid. Our battery systems continuously monitor the grid frequency and provide backup power immediately and autonomously if any grid event happens.

Backup for Large Power Consumers

For large power consumers, a robust Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system is indispensable to mitigate the effects of power flicker and instantaneous voltage drops. These consumers often have Business Continuity Plans (BCP) that necessitate a high degree of resilience and consistent power quality. Our battery system is a dependable UPS system that acts as a safeguard, ensuring that power quality remains uncompromised and operations continue smoothly in the event of power disturbances.


In the competitive landscapes of Europe and the U.K., where energy concerns are at the forefront, we bring innovative Japanese technologies to address and contribute to the evolving energy sector.
  • We provide essential backup solutions for regions grappling with the integration of renewable energies, especially in areas with limited interconnectivity between power networks.
  • Our strategic global expansion focuses on islands and peninsulas, aiming to fortify their energy infrastructures.

Future target areas
  • Scandinavian peninsula
  • Italian peninsula
  • Iberian peninsula
  • Taiwan
  • Oceania
  • Southeast Asia